Friday, June 6, 2008

Why Advertisers Want The New iPhone

New York Post: The New York Post says that Madison Avenue, in particular, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Apple's new 3G iPhone, hoping the new handset will change the way people use their phones, enabling mobile marketing to finally come good on its promise. So drastically did the first iPhone change user consumption habits, that some advertisers even developed iPhone-specific campaigns. But in the end, the phone's speed proved to be prohibitively slow.
The upgrade should also come with GPS capability, unearthing a whole host of possibilities for location-based iPhone applications. As David Berkowitz, director of emerging media for digital marketing firm 360i, point out, "From the marketing side, more than the consumer side, there is the promise of location- based targeting. Marketers get really excited about this."

Haven't you idiots learned anything?!?!
The internet phone isn't a device for you to shmeer ad banners all over it. It's about functionality and utility. Mr Berkowitz begins to make a little sense but, I can just sense marketers taking that out of context and spamming individuals at every convenient (for them) juncture.

I hereby challenge you ad people- STOP! Take a look at what is really going on. Look at what people are doing and how they have changed and use that within the context of this potential iPhone. Match and combine the 2 together so people have a useful experience with your brand instead of you landing a shitty click or impression.

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