Monday, June 16, 2008

Interactive TV is more than a remote possibility

The New York Times: A new system from Boston-based Backchannel Media allows TV stations to air content with an interactive component, allowing viewers to essentially bookmark ads using their remote control. Currently, a handful of stations are experimenting with the Backchannel offering, including Hearst-Argyle Television stations WCVB in Boston and WMUR in Manchester, N.H., along with Media General station WJAR in Providence, R.I.

Ohhh, Not these goons!!
I've met these guys. The product is ridiculous. A storm in a teacup.
Let's pause for a moment....


Excuse me?
People are trying to get away from ads, and you have these men from Chelm, trying to shove it in your face.

I remember when I met them and the example that they used: "If you see a packet of chips and you click on it, they can send it to you."
What? Wtf? Why would I want to wait ten days for a bag of chips, which have become chip crumbs in transit, to arrive at my house?

It will work for one category though- apparel. Like the article mentions- click on an item of clothing worn in a TV show and find out where to buy it from. But that's not exactly "bookmarking an ad". Can I ask for a little more focus people?! Is that too much to ask?

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