Monday, June 16, 2008

Social networks struggle to monetize

The New York Times: While social networks have proven extremely adroit at attracting members, finding an effective way to advertise on this growing medium has so far proven an elusive goal. Analyst Debra Aho Williamson of eMarketer recently wrote, "The challenge is that all these new forms of advertising are more difficult to plan, measure and quantify than advertisers are used to, and that has impacted spending growth."

Just a couple of issues with mySpace and their new design
  • "MySpace is being redesigned beginning Wednesday with a new home page, which will be less cluttered and more hospitable to advertising."
    Less cluttered and more hospitable to advertising? Hang on...who are you catering for? The end user or the advertiser? Or wait, am I asking a rhetorical and retarded question....methinks this could be the case...
  • "But because MySpace commands a majority of all the money spent on social networking, it is viewed as a bellwether for the growing industry."
    Ok. And just because idiots spend millions of dollars on superbowl ads, it doesn't mean that they're great and everyone should do it. Just look at pleather. People wore that because it was popular, but it was a grave mistake. We're in a world of people following sheep, rather than using their brains.
  • "Mr. Nathanson, the analyst, said that MySpace’s perceived shortfall had been frustrating. “We don’t have much conviction in the long-term ability to grow this business based on what we’ve seen lately,” he said."
    Because you're trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, dufus! Maybe if you adapted to the changing market, your long term ability to grow might change.

A pleather mistake:

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