Thursday, July 31, 2008

Australia's Home & Away Hits the Net

B&T Australia: Seven launches Home and Away online drama with partner Yahoo!7. It will be Australia’s first interactive TV and online drama, based upon long-running series Home and Away.

Go you good thing.
Despite Home&Away being one of the most boring shows (as in paint drying would be more entertaining), this is a great, great initiative.
"Users will be able to solve the disappearance of Rachel online, with the drama continuing during Home and Away’s two-week broadcast break due to the upcoming Olympic Games.
Summer Bay Online will feature a map of the area, daily video feeds, online radio and character interaction in order to solve the mystery."

You little ripper!

It's lovely to give a bit of interaction to the viewer and extend the show into this realm. It does bring up the thought that this type of thing always seems so much easier for the entertainment category, or is it?
I remember Milk did something called Get The Glass with the Adachi family. That worked a treat. Come on creatives, do your bloody thing!

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