Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's finally here, a social network focusing on tampons

How I've waited for this day. It's time that tampons stopped sitting in the wings and move to centre stage.
Although, I am a bit disappointed, I thought Tampax was making their own social network, which would be absolutely awesome. This is just really free white clothing product distributed through a social network, representing the confidence Tampax brings- you too can wear white while on the rag.
Brandweek: P&G's Tampax brand turns to tween Web community and launched a promotional effort on Stardoll, a teen and tween social-networking community. The Procter & Gamble brand will offer a monthly gift club and free samples of its products.

This is really a missed opportunity. A social network around tampons is just what young girls need. They'd talk about teen pregnancy and keeping white clothes white- issues that really face young girls today.
They could also have that great Dolly Doctor that featured in the magazine, Dolly, in Australia. It was a section where you could ask any problem and the doctor would help you. Some of the crap people encountered was amazing. We used to post the page on my class noticeboard so everyone could share in the joy. We would then label it as to who we thought submitted the problem.

Even better was the embarrassing moment page. There were some really hysterical, crying and 'can't get up from laughing' stories on those pages, specifically involving tampons. I won't get into it here, some people may not be able to deal. But if you need to know, maybe I will post it.

Look, everyone's trying to get into the Tampon socnet

Pic from Wooster

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