Sunday, July 6, 2008

McDonalds sued over Happy Meal toy Post-punk pioneers Devo say they are suing McDonald's in the US over a Happy Meal doll that sports the band's signature red flower pot hat.

Ooh, I love love love. Death to McDonald's.
I've never eaten at McDonald's. Well- only a kosher one. At least you know the beef is real, there's chicken in the nuggets and there is none of that nuclear powered cheese involved. I'm glad I've never eaten at a real McDonald's. They're money sucking bastards who have created nations of fat people who can only afford to live cheaply on shit food.
It makes me sad. It also makes me sad that a friend ordered some eggs for breakfast this morning and it came with fries. Totally unnecessary and we sent them back. I believe McDonald's is the precursor to this type of restaurant behaviour.

McDonald's has also become the owner of shitty brand behaviour. The brand logo, the colours, the character are all sacred to the brand. They cry blue murder to any other brand who impinges on their sacristy. But the time has come for retribution. Good on you Devo for taking a stand. Don't say you're taking a stand- take a stand. They've stolen from you and actually damaged what you stand for. McDonald's should be taught a lesson in the games they play.
Devo, see if you can bring down the whole freaking thing (even though they own Chipotle and I don't want them to die, I love a good Chipotle Fajita. Maccas really shouldn't own Chipotle- all the organic, carbon footprint philosophy doesn't fit with the brand platform).
McDonald's- you are an awful company, creating a culture of disgusting eating habits and terrible food/living expectations.

And those chips this morning. They stunk. Stunk like bad awful oil. You have destroyed realistic eating habits and made it so hard for people to try and even eat right. Take all your mates- Starbucks who have destroyed cafes and the barista; Dominos who sell plastic as food; Yum who injects hormones into everything, and then go jump in the lake.

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