Monday, July 7, 2008

Networks look to revolutionise the commercial break

The New York Times: The fall TV season will be notable for new forms of TV ads, including mini-shows, sponsored clips and in-show promos. Programmers and marketers are experimenting with new forms in the hopes of maintaining viewer attention during commercial breaks. Linda Yaccarino, executive vice president for sales and marketing at Turner Entertainment, said, "Pod-busting is big, but it has to be based on a creative idea to mean anything."

Here's a revolution for you: Bin it!
I was watching some poopi show last night- I think it was that top model for old farts, and there was so much crap at the bottom of the screen. The writing on the wall is even clearer than it was before: people will begin binning watching tv shows for more reasons than time shifting. DVD purchases will increase. Reality might scrape past (who wants to buy a reality show on DVD), but TV series will definitely have some pull back as a result of this ad bombardment.

And the same goes for this shitty pod rubbish that these execs have on the cards.
I want to know how Kris Magel, senior vice president and director for national broadcast at Initiative, a media agency owned by the Interpublic Group of Companies plans to measure this:
“If I could get half those people to turn their heads toward the screen, I’ve significantly increased the value of my client’s commercial”
Mmmhmm. Turning heads. Interesting. In Australia we use OzTam to measure TV ratings, so does the equivalent of OzTam in the US have a turning heads meter?

Another genius David Sklaver, president at KSL Media in New York feels that long ad breaks "...invit[e] viewers to leave instead of giving them reasons to stay.” Dude- where have you been for the last 10 years? Have you just come out of a coma?? I've been taking bathroom breaks, washing up breaks and various other types of breaks for years during ads. You may find it is fairly common.

In the end, the article is a pile of pods. Who cares about ads? Get rid of them. Execs, please stop saying they aren't intrusive- they are, and they are completely annoying.
And Ms. Yaccarino who claims that her viewers are very vocal, and she listens to them every day - hear this and do something about it!

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