Thursday, July 24, 2008

The return of great reality

I think I spend all my TV time in America watching quality reality TV (Top Chef, Runway- that calibre). It's so good. I discovered the Food network the other day. The shizz they pull in cake contests is amazing. The Pillsbury Bakeoff was also pretty good.
In Australia it just doesn't work as well because the contestants don't want to spill their guts on national television. Plus with only 24 million people, we're running out of those willing, fast. Here, they'll say and do anything.

Thankfully this week, we are in full swing of Project Runway. I love the challenges, excitement and crunch time to create a high class wearable garment. Although this week, something very interesting happened.
Bravo asked who was more annoying:
  1. Blayne and his tanning obsession combined with fucking idiotic words (girlicious, darthalicious and any variant of 'licious) trying to make a name for himself a la Christian Siriano's Fierce (except Christian wasn't trying, he just was).
  2. Someone random and their non interesting bad habit
  3. Suede and the tendency to talk about himself in the 3rd person

Well the results came back - 37%, 15% and 48% respectively. Suede appears to be the most irritating. Hey, I was shocked too because I really want to kill this Blayne guy. And what does Bravo do? They announce that Blayne is the most annoying, regardless of the results on the screen.

I'm kind of glad they disregarded the audience vote, because I do hate The Blayne. But now looking at these pictures and trying to work out who is more annoying they seem on par. WTF is that blue rooster thing (official term: comb) on that guy's head?

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