Sunday, July 20, 2008

The four best things about BlogHer

I went to my first BlogHer last week. It was pretty good.
I didn't go to too many panels, I was spending more time running around like a chicken with its nuts cut off.

However I did discover some good things:
  1. I've never been able to handle too many women in one place. They're annoying and speak in unrealistic terms (over analysing and such). Small groups are ok. But when you start getting them altogether they talk about feelings and emotions and how great their room mate is because she made cookies using the hair dryer, an iron and the bible.
    It just gets a little too much and a little too BS for me. Thank god I didn't stay in the Westin, I think I would have jumped out the window.

  2. They love the old support system. If someone has a bad experience and wants to share, all those present must share in the applauding of the way said individual handled the situation at hand. I was surprised that at all of these instances, Oprah didn't make a guest appearance and give out Pontiacs.

  3. No matter what conference you're at, people try shove the same crap down your throat. The biggest panel was how to monetise your blog. Some good people, like my new friend Kristen, we're talking about how to give back to their readers. But other people we're talking about shitty SocialSpark (because their SocialSpark client was sitting right there) and other shitty forms of banner ad stuff. I was not impressed and of course made myself heard. These women should realise they have the power, as empowered bloggers, to tell advertisers they need different types of conversational marketing. Banner ads, endorsements and product placements do not cut it.

  4. Transvestites and transgenders attend BlogHer, which is great. My fellow Aussie compatriot, Paull Young, was telling me he couldn't present because of his obvious gender. We know what Paull is planning for next year!

But thanks ladies. Thanks for enduring my humour, thanks for letting me push some buttons and thanks for all that schwag!

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