Friday, August 29, 2008

Only approximately 0.2% of web sites have a mobile version

Dev Mobi: "Since the beginning of the project, I've been charged with building its index, and so I've been crawling a lot of web sites. This has given me a good vantage point from which to view the growth of the mobile web, and to notice general trends. The overall impression I have today is of a continuous growth in content and new sites, but no tidal wave just yet. Broadly speaking, most of the leading desktop site owners have thought about their mobile visitors, and have created a mobile version of their site, even if they don't especially promote it. They are leading by example because of their popularity, in the same way the iPhone raises awareness of the existence of mobile web (even if users tend to confuse it as an "iPhone-web")….
Overall there are around 0.2% of web domains that have a mobile version.
(This is not a precise figure but a rough estimation based on the millions of domains I've crawled)."

Vewwy Vewwy Intewesting
This just reinforces that all these new media platforms and methods are still very very new. Someone also mentioned something to me so interesting yesterday- "How can people call themselves experts when this technology has only been around 5 or so years?" and they are so right.
So, the fact that only 0.2% of web domains have mobile platforms combined with the fact that no one is yet an expert dictates 2 things:
  • This is all trial and error. The companies brave enough to try this stuff should be applauded, because one day they'll find what works for them and it will have been worth all the heartache.
  • Anyone calling themselves an expert really has no idea.

And as we go into the holiday, I leave you with this, some excellent new Banksy work in New Orleans:

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