Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"My Facebook Page Called Me Fat"

The Washington Post: Every time Washington Post writer Rachel Beckman logged into her Facebook home page, an ad showing a bulging stomach would appear with the headline "Muffin Top?" After a while, Beckman began to notice, and she posted the following status update: "Rachel doesn't appreciate her Facebook page telling her that she has a muffin top."

As Beckman points out, the basic goal of product advertising is to shame us into buying products, and Facebook, knowing that Beckman was soon to be married, got even more vicious with its product ads. Next came, "Do you want to be a fat bride?" Better learn how to put off the pounds before the big day by going to such-and-such Web site.

Facebook lacks tact, like an overly verbose uninvited Aunt.
This is great. Really so very funny. It is like that relative who always says the wrong thing and then digs in the knife even deeper:
"You're looking a bit sallow dear. And those dark circles aren't helping either"
"Put on weight love? Those pants are so tight and I don't think your thighs appreciate it"

I wonder how Rachel Beckman got the fat ads in the first place. I get them too. Perhaps it's someone's great insight that ALL women wish they were 5 pounds lighter!
But the fact that they just go for the jugular every time is fantastic. Fantastically bad. This isn't a sales scheme, this is abuse and taunting. It won't be long before this type of marketing goes down the route of someone hurting themselves because Facebook was mean to them. Only in America and I have no doubt it will happen. Better fix it before FB has a lawsuit on their hands.

Even worse are those Jack Myers ads with a woman on each arm. I find those incredibly offensive. Enough to give anyone nightmares....

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