Thursday, September 4, 2008

Starbucks' 'Billion-Dollar' Plan Starts With Breakfast Rollout of Healthier Menu Items Said to Meet Consumer Demand.
Howard Schultz's "billion-dollar idea" starts with oatmeal, apple bran muffins and a protein plate. The Starbucks CEO has been promising healthier and better-quality choices in his stores, the result, he says, of consumer demand that will ultimately rake in a billion dollars for the company.

America is the most unhealthy country in the world
Whenever I want a snack, I am always under whelmed at the options available to me- sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, fat and oil.
I am also surprised that fat-sodden foods are always the cheaper options and the only snacks supplied on domestic flights. Disgraceful!
I am even more surprised that with a country with so many fatties, there isn't more being done to help curb the over eating.
As far as I can see it, this is a necessary to-do. But it seems the consumer demand they're meeting must be mine as no one else seems to be interested. Then again, I don't even go into Starbucks- as it's been said before the largest public toilet network in the world!

...and if the Yanks go as far as the Aussies do, there might even be a jury to address the banning of fast food advertising between 6am and 9pm. That's a really long time....
"Parents groups have reacted angrily to the decision by the Australian Media and communications Authority not to ban junk food advertising on television, claiming the proposals issued by the government watchdog did not go far enough.
The Parents Jury, which is calling for a complete ban on junk food advertising between 6am and 9pm, said 97% of its members support a ban"
Apparently these 9.7 people think that advertising causes children to be obese and banning the ads will stop the obesity. Last week they tried burning books, the week before that they banned MySpace (this was actually a good one.

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M.M. McDermott said...

I know how to curb obesity. Hit a parent with a shovel each time their kid stuffs a Twinkie down its fat, pelican-like gullet.

It's called consequences and accountability--something that watchdog groups demand from everyone but the people they're "protecting".