Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When bad reality TV just doesn't die

Bravo has some great reality (well, not for long)- but they really know how to put on an exciting competition.

Then there is Shear Genius. It upsets me that whenever I'm in 'transit' and put the TV on, on my favourite channel, this tripe is always on. And it's bad, so very very bad.
The whole thing is ridiculous, from-
  • the hosts
  • the commentary on the hair...please it's just hair. And commentary by actors about texture and movement, I don't think so
  • The blatant product placements
  • The challenges don't make any sense
  • All the way to the terrible puns!
Other shows get axed so quickly. Is it because reality is so cheap to make?

I'm glad we've come to the last week, but then there is this travesty coming. I'm so ashamed that she is Australian. Although she does look like an Asian Albino. That's a good thing.

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