Friday, September 26, 2008

Advertising Week: The Future Belongs To Creative

by David Goetzl: In the continuing tug-of-war between what drives the train--creative or media--a top Unilever executive Thursday came out in favor of creative. Strong media plans are only as good as the work. Says Babs Rangaiah: "We have to penetrate the culture."

Hmmm, why do marketers need to box everything?
Media or creative?
Copywriter or art director?
Online or traditional?
Everything is blurring. And to be as close minded as choosing one over the other is incredibly naive. Marketers continue to talk in a language that is the familiar, but the tower of Babel has come down and this language just don't work anymore.

It will no longer be a question of one or the other, it's combining the best of all worlds to bring the most creative well placed solution. It's about stepping up to the plate and meeting the changes head on, using all the tools at hand to create the most optimal solution . No more of this 'do what we've always done because if it doesn't work I can just blame it on the past'. The multitude of consumer preference, combined with options available to consumers makes our jobs more exciting and challenging. Did I mention cost effective?

Marketers, don't be scared. I'll hold your hand.

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