Monday, September 29, 2008

Digital Rights Groups Urge Court Not to 'Chill' Innovation

by Wendy Davis: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Center for Democracy & Technology and other groups are urging a federal court to balance the need to protect technological innovation with copyright owners' rights in an infringement lawsuit brought by the record industry against peer-to-peer network Lime Wire. While the organizations do not take a position on who should win the lawsuit, they argue that at least some of the record industry's arguments in the case could "chill legitimate innovation" if accepted by the court.

Kids, when are you going to learn?
How long has this crap been going on for? 10 years? Maybe since the invention of the cassette tape? I remember sitting in front of the wireless, waiting for the good songs to come on and recording them. Then when CDs came along I'd make my own mixes for personal use, people would also make me mixes and give them to me. These were great methods of distribution.
Now, it's a lot faster with online.

Bottom line is, there will always be piracy and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It's time record companies stopped trying to fight these methods of distribution- in all honesty if someone's listening to your artist amongst the multitude of musicians out there, that's a pretty good thing.
It's really a continual wake up call to stop being so lazy, realise the music biz has moved from the old school formula to a different model and adjust. It's a hard road, but better than fighting a fruitless fight.

In the meantime, you can make me a mix. I prefer the usb variety these days. Retro chic.

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