Thursday, October 2, 2008

Take a Holistic Approach to Your Messaging

Marketers Don't Think Like Consumers Do: Al Ries on Marketing
Holism is the concept that the whole has a reality independent and greater than the sum of its parts. Marketing people should pay more attention to this concept.

WTF Al Ries? Can you hear what you're saying?
This article is ridiculous. Mr Ries calls for holistic marketing- considering the consumer blah di blah blah. But hey, Mr Ries, the consumer isn't an idiot, they know how to choose an option that suits them best. PLUS, they aren't a group of people made up of one preference only. Each individual responds to different tastes and preferences.

Of course diversifying weakens the original product, but at least it opens up more options and personal loyalty from customers. Imagine if there was no non fat milk to the full fat option? It wouldn't be very nice for the fat free wannabees. Even the 2%-fat-content in milk opens up opportunity to the people who are after a bit more flavour. There isn't anything wrong with that. How is that not holistic?

Al, you've taken the wrong approach and slammed diversity as something unneccesary, even silly. It's not a case of I was dumb before and now that my brand of choice has a new option I'm even dumber, it's opening up the floor to more choice.

And the piece de resistance -at the bottom of the article it says "Al and his daughter and partner Laura Ries host a weekly video report at Ries Report."
That's a bit sick Al. Don't you think it should be more holistic and say business partner?

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