Thursday, September 11, 2008

AT&T, Verizon Add Social Networking Hubs

by Mark Walsh: The carriers' new applications give users a single source for accessing multiple social networks including MySpace. While both use the same platform, Verizon's "SocialLife" costs $1.49 a month, and AT&T's "My Communities" is priced at $2.99 monthly

What's wrong with this picture?
This is an interim strategy which might prevent growth, might not. Can't you foresee see flat rates for full suite of service?
I'm talking phone, internet, sms- the works. None of this piecemeal crap involving greedy phone companies trying to make astronomical profit instead of trying to cultivate healthy consumption patterns of the future. By healthy consumption patterns I mean mobile phone usage which makes a person's life as convenient as it can be. Which as a result means more ad space and ad dollar. A no brainer.

With internet and mobile data speeds always on the up and up, data transfer will become faster and cheaper but, the growth and change need help.
$1.49 is pretty cheap, but I bet there are some pretty heavy conditions in there.
Come on- these changes are going to happen, but if you really want them to happen they need a lot of help....

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