Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Broadcast Ad Model Is Broken. Now What?

AdAge.com: Networks Race to Create Their Own Methods for Measuring Audiences-- Virtually all parties involved agree the current broadcast advertising model is broken, or at the very least inadequate. What they don't yet agree on is the solution, leading to mass confusion as networks scramble to create their own measurements in a race to develop a standard for counting those precious eyeballs.

It's broken dood. Move on!
I remember someone once mentioned the 'turning heads' metre and then there was the engagement metric. You can't measure this crap. Sales, you can measure, and that's always a pretty good indicator.

Online downloads however- this is a different story. I am of the opinion that 10% of your online download audience would equate to the real engaged TV viewer audience. This means they watch every ad, don't believe in toilet breaks, and the battery in their remote control is flat. Not completely accurate but better than a turning heads metre.

What really grinds my gears even further, is this Australian palaver that's going on right now. Been happening for a few months. All these ad kids are getting together and claiming that an FTV (as opposed to cable) buy is so important to their media plan. Real propaganda and rubbish. Two of the biggest ad spenders are at the helm and trying to get other Australian marketers to relinquish unjustified proportions of their marketing budgets to a TV spend that is inefficient. I can just imagine how this panned out- the TV networks asked the AANA to 'save' the networks with a "free tv club", instead of getting their shite together and creating new solutions. So what they've done is lose ad spots in prime time in order to show these ads and their budgets have taken a further cut. What they're forgetting is their premium advantage- it costs nothing for users to watch their channels.
Bottom line, the campaign just has 'crap' written all over it, combined with a stench of licentiousness.

Click here to see the ridiculous TVCs

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