Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's true, the gelato's poo

SMH: Sample of gelato at Sydney hotel found to contain faeces.

And this dear friend, is why it's good to be back home.
I get off my plane and confronted with news stories that a family at a respectable(ish) dining establishment were served ice cream laced with poo.
I heard the woman poo eater say "As the ice cream reached room temperature in my mouth, the stench was unbearable".
Yuk yuk yuk. Who says that about eating poo?! It kind of brings it to life. No thanks.

So after the last few days I've witnessed some great headlines, the offering of the head chef to submit a poo sample and people across Australia admit to eating poo laced ice cream at other fine establishments. Now an official body is involved and will be testing the gelato sample to see if it's animal, human, male or female excrement.

Is anyone twittering this as it unfolds?

I'd love to see this as a short movie format of this tale. Look out Tropfest.

mmm, looks like a good flavour of poo.

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