Thursday, November 27, 2008

AT&T's iJustine Web Series Doesn't Exactly Go Viral

DigitalNext: YouTube Stars as Spokesmodels May not Be Such a Great Idea After All - What do you do if you're a big mobile carrier hoping to connect with digital youth? Tap a YouTube "star" and a popular blogger to extol the virtues of AT&T mobile phones. That was the idea behind AT&T's "Lost in America" campaign with iJustine (Justine Ezarik) and blogger Karen Nguyen. But the result is an example of how YouTube fame tends not to translate outside the world of "Fred," "kevjumba" and "sxephil."

Maybe a question of wrong place, not wrong time

They put the main portal on to the AT&T website. Pretty lame. You gotta get it out there people. Interact with the local yokels. Move the digital to the physical world. Allow people to think they can interact with the 'stars' in a real world way. Digital cannot only live in digital, than it falls.

And it's great that AT&T branded it, but they didn't need to put it on their website in such a blatant format. Maybe have a link and a reference that this is also going on- but going out into social media in this way, means that it's subversive, on the edge and you know about it if you're in the know- hence the increase of hits from i-Justine's website when she posted a link to it.

The other problem with this is that there is no need for this AT&T mini website. If they're partnering with i-Justine keep it with i-Justine. You'd assume tapping her would mean AT&T is after her audience. What with-it person wants to go to an AT&T website?!

Good one AT&T. keep the good stuff rolling.'s the same old song. Thanks Wooster for the great snap.

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