Thursday, November 27, 2008

Facebook, MySpace Aren't Making The Marketing Cut

by Karlene Lukovitz: While chief marketing officers are intrigued by social networking sites Facebook and MySpace as potential marketing vehicles, actually using them is another matter, according to the results of a new survey conducted by GfK Roper Public Relations and Media for marketing services firm Epsilon.

I call it close mindedness and not moving with the times
Facebook, MySpace- yes they are vastly populated by the younger demographics, but the younger demographic gets older.

A few things -

  • I once read some study that kids make their brand choices at a young age and tend to stick with those choices throughout life. So it can be a valuable proposition to get kids involved with a brand from early on to motivate in later stages of life
  • Social networking isn't just for kids
  • Why are B2B companies interested in the FB? that doesn't make much sense. Shouldn't they be the group who is anti?
  • Social networks are moving in to the mainstream, but the early adopter proportion is still strong. Isn't that what every marketer loves? The early adopter playing field is also a good way to test and experiment with how the mainstream will adapt. It's silly to throw that away and risk going in to a new channel cold when it does tip into the mainstream.
  • Aren't both of these platforms mainstream by now?

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