Monday, November 17, 2008

Elf Yourself Returns for Year 3

Angela at Adrants: While logic for continuing the campaign may be suspect, I guess it speaks to its undying faith that for the third year in a row, OfficeMax is rolling out Elf Yourself (complete with bigger OfficeMax logo!).
Around this time last year, Elf Yourself had spawned over 11 million self-elfers. This year there's new stuff to look forward to.

Once, twice, three times a sale?
Hmm. Where to begin?
I think in these viral thingies you only get one shot. You do the elf once, that's it. No room for extension. If you missed your chance, it's gone.
But Officemax thinks they've got better ideas the third time round? Really? You didn't think the second time was enough? Oh wait, now you have a facebook app. Really great.

That's the thing with this new marketing age, once you do it once (hello Wedding Crashers Crash this Trailer), you have to take it to the next level. Just because it's successful the first time, doesn't imply a repeat.

Let me give you a parody. Seinfeld. People say it ended too early (that's debatable), but they wanted to go out on a bang before it got any shittier. So they ended it and moved on. The notion that people missed it is a positive. It's better than that not again feeling.

A good integration done once is great. Good news. You get a medal. Next step it to take it to a new place. People get bored, there are only so many iterations of elves you can see. AND we live in this new snack culture place. You have to mix things up and all the time. There are other things that are cute besides elves right? There are other ways to personalise, right? And what about getting people in store to buy? Sales?

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