Monday, November 17, 2008

Linking Customers to Sell More Clothes

CMDGlobal's Idea of the Week: In Japan, Uniqlo Microsite Lets Buyers Find Testimonials
Uniqlo wanted to sell its new Bra Top range and so recruited 300 Japanese women to represent the brand.

The new flavour of the month
Victoria's secret PINK bits has one too. Campus reps they call it.
It's good, it's nice, it's touchy feely.
A nice transferral from the virtual into the tangible world, which is what you need in all this social media cacophony. can venture into jealousy for those who haven't been chosen as reps or the brand voice. There needs to be a gradual crossover and reward system for those who enter into the fold or have a touch point with these recruits.
Otherwise, good work. Me like.

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