Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twitter is not a marketer's playground

Over the weekend I have been confronted with several new Twitter accounts:
4 Leaf clover gifts
no. No .NO!

This isn't fun. No one wants to be bombarded with shitty gifting messages in their twitter accounts. Not the place nor the place (bc time doesn't really work).

If you don't already know, there is a seismic shift within advertising:
  • Proliferation of media channels allows us to market to people in the right place and the right time. It doesn't mean that everything is fair game.
  • Human beings have shifted to have a pleasant level of respect for marketing when done in the right tone, Vs a large level of hatred to ads that are unwelcome and badly executed
  • The hot new thing isn't right for everyone. It's good to keep an awareness to what's out there, but assess the medium against your brand and category. For example- no, I don't want leg waxing tips on my mobile phone, because there is no relevance or logic to receiving such an update in that channel.
  • Be useful in the new medium. Useful may be entertaining, informational, etc. But relating to the preceding point, I may want a feed that relates to the trains and buses, whether my line is late or on time during peak hour. That would be quite useful me thinks

And City of Sydney, that means no more spruiking in Martin Place. Apparently there is some new marketing installation every day. People are harassed, there is no where for them to eat lunch. It's not very Australian, in fact, I'd call it quite unAustralian.

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Twitter collects personally identifiable information about its users and shares it with third parties. Some media outlets are also starting to use Twitter as a source of public sentiment on issues, and are using the technology in order to deliver real-time or recent-time opinions that are not sent to them directly.

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