Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Facebook Triples Mobile Traffic

Mark Walsh: Facebook has tripled its mobile audience to 15 million in the last year, according to a recent post on the company blog. The site allows users to receive notifications or update their status with text messages, as well as access applications for devices such as the Treo, BlackBerry and iPhone.

Julie Ask, a JupiterResearch analyst who covers the wireless space, called Facebook's 15 million mobile users "a big milestone," in a blog post. "I think this number will only continue to grow and everyone in the ecosystem will benefit."

I detect smoke. Mirrors.
I'd be careful about this statistic. Facebook photo pervs and chronic status updaters need to check in to the thing every hour or their dicks drop off. I've seen many a person say "Oh, can I just use your iPhone to check my FB". Ugh, sends shivers up and down my spine.

So 15m, yes. Maybe. At one time or other but, I heavily doubt all of them actually have a data phone.

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Julian Cole said...

Hmmmmm, I dont know, I think that a large % of people who have iPhone in Australia would have Facebook, and to check Facbook on your iPhone is not the bigger stetch???

I also have never personally been asked to check someones Facebook on my phone, I would probably tell em no cause i dont want to login and change my settings.

P.S That is a very disturbing image!

P.P.S When is someone going to fill up those fucking glasses of wine, it is pissing me off!