Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Google Getting Close To Obama

Politico: During Barack Obama's first post-election press conference, Google CEO Eric Schmidt stood alongside the President-elect and didn't say anything. Nor did he have to, says Politico's Eamon Javers, as the mere sight of him alongside the President-to-be should be "enough to send shivers up the spine of Google's competitors."

As one Democratic lobbyist said, "This terrifies Microsoft. There's a reason why people are scared to death of Google." The search giant claims that Schmidt was acting on his own, and that his politics don't reflect those of the company. Even so, Schmidt isn't the only Googler close to Obama. The President-elect is said to be weighing asking either Schmidt or Google's technology evangelist Vint Cerf to become the country's first chief technology officer. Schmidt has said that he would decline the offer, but Cerf has remained quiet.

"From the staff attorney all the way up the line, everybody now knows that Google is close to Obama," the same lobbyist said, suggesting that this could "affect the policy playing field" in Google's favor. Javers points out that Google has several issues pending in Washington, from broadband access and net neutrality to privacy rights, patent reform and copyright policy. Meanwhile, the Mountain View, Calif. giant has been quietly upping its presence in Washington over the last year.

Is my newly found left-wingerness causing me to be naive?
Obama is all happy families. He just wants everyone to be friends. And the reason he likes Google is because they have been such a strong advocate in advancing technology for the benefit of everybody. Yeah, maybe some of their algorithms are a bit crap and the google maps doesn't always give you what you want, but on the whole they've been pretty good in introducing new and friendly tools for all inter-line users.
Is it wrong to appreciate one company over the other for the sake of pure ideaology and philosohpy? Google thinks differently to Microsoft, in a way that could benefit more people rather as opposed to becoming a hindrance. If they're so scared, they should put their hands up too, get themselves on the same advisory board. And if shizz does happen and it looks like things are going google's way, then they can point for the finger and pull a tantrum.
I think everyone should just get over it and look at this as one potential way to advance society and other industries should take a leaf out of the same book.

This video is bloody great.......

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