Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For Trad Media, 2008 Measurement Initiatives Disappoint

by Erik Sass: 2008 was supposed to be the year everything changed for traditional media, as new, more precise measurements yielded more reliable data about their audiences. They were supposed to even the playing field, ultimately winning back advertisers migrating to the Internet. The tech failed to deliver.

Wah wah wah
Really? Do we still need to talk about this?
Bottom line is, traditional media is in a tailspin, the biggest culprit being radio. It's shit. Maybe breakfast and drive dayparts still have some traction, but realistically, for a mainstream audience, forget it. Seen those little mp3/ipod jacks in vehicles?
Mags and TV- they still serve a purpose, but it's time to have some sort of workshop and really nut out what drives eyeballs and whether having 26 minutes of ads to an hour is a viable option.

Most importantly- we have a fair indication of where consumers are going, can we follow these trends without resorting to the same old crap? Solid case of double-u-tee-eff. Models are destroyed, new order of biz-nazz required.

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