Monday, November 3, 2008

MTV, MySpace Figure Out How to Make Ads Follow Video Deal Lets Social-Network Users Upload Clips With Ads Sold By Either Partner-- Viacom's MTV Networks is giving MySpace what it won't give YouTube. That is, they've licensed the social network to allow users to upload clips or entire episodes of "The Daily Show," "The Colbert Report," "Reno 911" and other shows under a new system that automatically identifies copyrighted video and attaches advertising.

It's time for a fixin'
Lots of news going on now. Everybody is a reacting to the changes. This sounds good. A nice little partnership deal that BENEFITS the CONSUMER. High time something like this was implemented and not a bad deal for the MySpace. May be the only reason I ever go back there.

And in the opposite direction, France is potentially passing a law which disconnects file-sharers from their ISPs. And god help us, Australia is also thinking of doing this crap. "The music industry's latest salvo against piracy involves lobbying for "three strikes" laws that would require ISPs to disconnect users who have shared copyrighted files online." Link.
What bollocks?!
a) it can't be policed.
b) it seems like you're going forwards, but in reality it's ten steps backwards
c) this style of anal-parent-reaction to piracy is not the answer.
It seems, due to the massive population of the world, piracy cannot be controlled. There are just too many people. Find a different answer, a new way to monetise, a new business model and stop wasting energy and funds on flogging a dead horse.

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M.M. McDermott said...

I say ISPs line-item much more specifically based on the amount of data shared.

Jack prices up high enough and you may be able to discourage the folks who are downloading thousands of movies and songs.