Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bad experiential is “like spam”

B and T: Too many experiential marketing campaigns are intrusive, and in danger of inciting the types of reactions consumers have to email spam and telemarketing, an industry expert has warned.

That's right - bad marketing is a form of abuse
I would say Alan Riva, quoted in the above article, has the right idea- experiential marketing is tough, especially when you're limited to a finite audience.

As Alan says, you have to work out the right time, right place conundrum- not just for the brand, but for the consumer as well. Then you need to work out how to transfer it between paradigms- digital to tangible.

As I've been suffering the last few weeks- representatives in my face who don't remember that they've spoken to me 5 minutes earlier, or hitting the same street with a handout every day for 3 weeks. Not only is it wasteful, it is annoying for the person who say no to the same bloody flier for the remaining 14 days...

Although I do have to admit...I did it enjoy it the other day when the guy again asked me about my penchant for a haircut and I responded "You asked me the same question 5 minutes ago and the answer is still a NO."

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