Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Repeated TV Spots Can Drive Consumers Away

Advertising Age: Fragmenting media and smaller budgets mean more TV ads are running over and over, and consumers seem to be getting fed up. Case in point: a Facebook group of about 9,000 people organized recently to stop Toyota's ubiquitous no-interest payment options ad from playing.

Recent complaints about repetitive ads should alarm both agencies and media outlets because it means that the commercial break -- so easily avoided with a DVR -- is getting even less appealing to viewers looking for entertainment during tough times.

Consumers have grown much more sensitive to multiple showings of the same commercial, says Kate Sirkin, research director at Starcom MediaVest Group. A TV ad can now reach the wear-out point after only eight showings, down from 15 to 20 showings a decade ago. Consumers today are "all multitasking, less patient, and don't like to have [their] time wasted," she says.

Case in point: ads on the whole are largely shite

I think that's where this argument begins and ends. It's good for support for the 'real' marketing youre doing out there...but in future go easy on the spot schedule.

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