Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Great new way to target yout's

Teacher Sells Advertising On Tests To Pay Printing Costs
CBS News: San Diego teacher Tom Farber is selling advertising on the bottom of math tests, John Blackstone reports. The ads appear as lines of text, such as "Braces by Stephen P. Henry D.M.D."

At $10 for a quiz, $20 for a test, and $30 for a final exam, Farber's ads pay for the cost of printing the tests.

"I would have never have done this five years ago or ten years ago," Farber says. But San Diego area schools are facing a $51 million budget shortfall next year. Statewide, California schools are expecting at least $2.8 billion in cuts.

A good way to make students fail

During exams, you want to concentrate on your answers, not waste a second and do the best you can. So it's a great new tactic to include advertising on exams. A really well thought out idea by the teacher at hand.

Couldn't they still get support for their exam papers, but put the ad content elsewhere in the classroom? What about a review card which gives students their results and says "This test was brought to you by Braces by Stephen P. Henry D.M.D. Smile better when you do well"? (I never said I was a copywriter)

It's about content and context....this example should not be seen as encouraging.

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