Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Life: Google Archives Magazines Online

by Erik Sass: Magazine addicts and history buffs rejoice: Google is creating digital archives for the print editions of dozens of big-name consumer magazines (along with some lesser ones) stretching back decades. The news comes not long after Google said it was making the entire photo archive of Life--about 10 million images--available online, including many that never appeared in print.

Do no evil...somehow seems like we're heading towards a new iteration of advertising

This is great. A great initiative from Google and something which will help people find whatever they're after. There is one thing I'm bamboozled with- advertising in this mass proliferation.

It seems the old Googlie wants to continue advertising within all these archived articles. If you're still doing shitty old banner/text ad advertising, what does that mean?
It means that inventory will amplify exponentially, and to try and target your ad presence in amongst it will be a near impossible job.

If Google is going to think about this advertising bizzo, they'll need to have a good categorising system to allow the media buying drones an easy time. Otherwise they'll be f'cucked and banner/text advertising will hopefully swirl into its whirpool of ineffectivess.


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