Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In YouTube Purge, Warner Shutters Own Musicians' Videos

Media Post Blogs: Warner Music Group's month-old licensing dispute with YouTube has spread far beyond company executives. It's now disrupting a host of musicians -- including the label's own artists.

Consider, Death Cab for Cutie embedded YouTube clips of its videos on its own site, but they were taken down as part of the overall Warner purge. One result was that fans who visited the band's official site and tried to view its clips were greeted with the message that the clips had been taken down due to a Warner Music copyright claim.

Back to reality perhaps?
Bloody music labels. Are they even thinking about what they're doing? Tech has changed, the world, people, have moved forward and the fuckers are still trying to grasp on to what they had. This is getting so tired and boring. So tired that this post on a blog called Lohad details that through sampling of content, sales of a Monty Python DVD increased by 23,000%. Twenty three thousand. Not bad for uploading a video.

So what next? How about foster sampling, allow people to try before they buy. Create premium content for purchase. Down size.

The movie industry better work out what they're doing, because they're next on the chopping block, and it really won't be pretty if they act the way music has been acting.

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