Sunday, February 15, 2009

Facebook: Show Yourself! Your True Self

In recent months, I've expressed my true feelings about our dear friend, Facebook.
I've mention my observation that the only useful things that remain are walls, photos and events.

I've expressed great concern at facebook becoming stalkbook and many people have told me this is not the case and perhaps I should keep my opinions to myself. Wow. This is MY blog after all.

And then recently I noticed why some are so keen to publicise and others are not. It's because some individuals view Facebook as their own personal mini gossip magazine. A la People, NW, New Idea, etc. They check in every day, sometimes several, to see what the latest goings-on are. They and their apparent celebrity social circle publicise all their comings and goings, their paparazzi shots, they announce personal information and they have to keep active to stay top of mind. Just like all those fabulous celebrities out there who spin the PR machine.

This has been demonstrated by certain well known instances:

a) The premature change of relationship status when either in or not in a relationship. This is often followed with question and concern for the individual of what has happened. Then usually dealt with through taking the heat and rectifying with an appropriate press release or correction of said information.

b) A very bad, compromising photo of yourself is tagged on the FB. You promptly de-tag and request said photo to be removed with a cease and desist email to your mate.

c) Some 'tard writes something on your wall, which is private or not for public knowledge. Cat is now out of the bag. Comment is promptly deleted and all questions sent through email are handled by your press agent.

And this weekend, I was told of an interesting tale. A young chap and his lady decided to call it quits after 5 years. Prior to changing his facebook relationship status, he decided to email his friends and let them know of the impending relationship change. Once all parties had acknowledged the email (someone even replied with a "Boo Hoo", funny, but not the point), he changed his status, officially.

Now- this is not normal behaviour for a person in common society. Who sends a press release prior to doing something on facebook? See! The thing has changed people, it has messed with how they operate in a daily fashion. It is not normal to feel the need to send press releases to your friends before you change or do something on the Facebook.

People think they're always watched, monitored and spoken about. People feel the need to update and create 'stories' so that they stay and active member within the space and spin their wheel into overtime. No! Stop! Step back into the reality. Because otherwise, Facebook pages will end up looking like the below.


George said...


Facebook is just a collective virtual water cooler for people. Its not "new" compared to anything in the past, it's just a new method of gossip.

wisey said...

You missed the point signor George.

I wasn't talking about water cooler shenanigans. I was talking behavioural changes. People managing their Facebook lives as if they have a well-oiled PR machine to manage their news, which is THEN spoken about at the water cooler.

I suggest you re-read. Maybe nap before doing so. Then you won't be as tired and hopefully you'll be with full faculties this time round.