Friday, February 13, 2009

Second Life Attempts to Stage a Rebirth

AdWeek by Brian Morrissey: Hope for growth hinges on enhanced usability: Like many utopian visions, Second Life was uncompromising in its laissez-faire approach. The virtual world was launched as a platform that allowed users to do pretty much whatever they pleased, which made it difficult to explain to the uninitiated.
Now, the venue is seeking to reach a wider audience through enhanced usability, helping new visitors quickly learn the ropes and enticing them to probe more deeply once they've become acclimated. Second Life's first attempt to accomplish these goals is a new home page that's already generated big bumps in exploration once users are "in world," according to the company.

Ish Don't Think So

Yawn, blah, big deal. I don't think this is realistic. I was showing someone this video yesterday and thinking, yeah maybe the social network players and their dynamic has changed a little- and that's only really between Facebook and MySpace. But then again, it hasn't really, we're only more sure of who is more capable of making revenue and who is better at fostering strong communities.

For Second Life to think that they can again re enter and stake a claim, only a year or so after its apparent demise (as declared by the greater public) is a little ridiculous. People still aren't ready. It's premature.
And I'm sorry, but the stat in the article detailing that users spend more time in the world is only half the picture. Face it, only nerds use the fucking thing, and more of it. They don't have a life so they go online and find one. Not just that, but they also finally get that virtual root that they've been waiting for their whole life. Fantastic.

The best thing about Second Life is this photo exhibit about people and their avatars. There is the proof to the pudding. This is your Second Life audience. Normal people won't touch it with a ten foot pole.



dirkthecow said...

I agree with what you say about another false dawn, but in fairness you've chosen the most extreme image from that NY Times photo exhibit - if you go and click on it, the other examples of people with their avatars are surprisingly normal!

Nathan Bush said...

So you don't recommend it as a dating site?

wisey said...

Dirkthecow: oh no I didn't. There is one real/virtual combo that takes the cake. But in his case, it's nice that he gets to live the virtual

Mr Bush: Maybe as a dating site it would be pretty good. RSVP and jDate should get involved. At least it's safe sex. They have those bloody chairs in the sex rooms- where if you sit on them you earn linden dollars. You get to do all crazy kinds of positions. Right up people's alley