Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Phelps Losing Buzz in Brand Attributes

AdAge: Davie Brown Index Shows Olympian's Aspiration, Endorsement Numbers Down-- In addition to losing deals and seeing at least one campaign delayed, Michael Phelps has taken a hit in overall buzz following his bong incident. According to the Davie Brown Index, designed to give marketers a way to quantify a celebrity's brand attributes, Mr. Phelps has taken a dive in each of the eight measures, except awareness, which has stayed the same since December.

Huh? That's not why, it's because of that god awful goatee and that weird thing he does with his jaw
I hope I don't get done like that guy who said that model is a slut. But would you trust ANYONE with a goatee of that nature? Goatees are just incorrect. They should be banned.

And no one should ever let Michael Phelps talk. Ever seen that weird thing he does with his jaw? Or even how he talks? This is David Beckham syndrome- let him perform, but do not let him open his mouth. Under any circumstance. At least Mr Beckham is easy on the eye.

Davie Brown index? Should this not be amended to David Bowie index? I keep thinking it is David Bowie every time I read it.
However, I digress. This whole thing reeks of america's over excessive tendency to be too conservative. You watch their tv shows, their hubs of culture and these are brimming with promiscuity and overt ideas. Some kid takes a puff of a bong and the whole country goes nuts. It's only pot for crying out loud. Chill out. At least he didn't take a chunk out of Rihanna's nose like other people we know.

Mr Phelps is a greedy little shit in any case. $100Million in endorsement deals he wants. Get back on that drawing board bucko, you got a lot of work to do.

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Nathan Bush said...

Is having red hair one of the eight measures? Imagine if you had a goatee, wonky jaw and red hair.