Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things Wisey likes

Contrary to popular belief, I don't only hate stuff. If something is good, I loves it.

For example- have you seen the Wrestler yet? If you haven't, you really should. It is a great flick. my most recent analogy, that I've also applied to Gran Torino, is that it's like a well cooked dish. Simple, not overly complicated, but cooked to perfection with great writing and an easy to follow story arc. Tom Colicchio would be v.happy with this analogy, because I certainly learned it from Top Chef.
Now, there is this video. Applying the themes from the Wrestler to Uncle Sam. Glorious. I love Alyssa Milano, she is great.

The Uncler w/ Uncle Sam and Alyssa Milano from Alyssa Milano

Then a band called "This bike is a pipe bomb", shut down an airport in Memphis. It's because they have stickers and someone put the band's sticker on their bike and left it unattended the airport. Funny. Although they may face charges, not so funny. It's not their fault that anal retentives aren't up to date with their punk band news! Story is here.

And my most favourite is the bacolicio.us. Being of the chosen people and never having eaten bacon, this is most fun. I get to graffiti all my favourite pages with bacon. I did the kosher site in Sydney and I thought my mum would protest, but she bloody loved it. See, eveyone loves a bit of bacon.

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