Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cheetos goes nuts- yum

Cheetos is doing a huge thing on Boing Boing. Rad.

It looks like they gave Boing boing a wad of cash, free reign to do anything with content creation around the chip (it is a chip isn't it?), make it a couple of episodes long and all video content over the month is endorsed only by cheetos. Sweet.

And it's lovely. It's a nice bit of content. And I love that the writers say what it is, clearly, and say how much they loved the process of creating the pieces. With the inclusion of the associated adventures.

So cheetos I hereby salute you and distribute you!

Episode 2 is here
Ep 3 here.

And now...all this stuff has come to light regarding bloggers who have been endorsing brands without disclosing that it's cash for comment. Pretty despicable stuff. Mr Tim Burrowes at Mumbrella has the exposé. It's pretty shit as this Cheetos example proves how positive open endorsement is. The other kind just leads to bad place for everyone. What I like to call a lose-lose-lose situation. Blogger loses, brand loses and the reader loses. Their trust in the blog is pretty much destroyed. It's a hard struggle to regain your integrity after cash for comment is discovered. Just ask John Laws. Not pretty.

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