Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doritos carbon copies "Crash the Superbowl" in OZ

Doritos has taken "Crash the Superbowl" and translated it for an Australian audience.

Except, there is no superbowl here for the ad to run in. Looks like we have to resort to a national spot buy.

We all know how the US version went down. The prize money for starters, was a cool million. There weren't that many submissions. 2,000 for the third year running out of 320 million people. That was their best participation rate yet. I'd be surprised if we get more than 300 in the A.U.

And why do I need to see repeats of the same campaign? It's a little insulting- we don't live with closed domains anymore. The internet is global! I just watched the oscars live through my tinternet (thank you

This Doritos thing is a travesty. It's like the bloody christmas card office elves- been going for 3 years with some small changes each year. It gets boring after a while. But now Doritos decides they have a good thing going and just tap it into other markets. They even include a worksheet demonstrating how you can distribute your ad to get more people to vote for it. It's sad that most of the population is dumb, and they'll do it without realising that if the brand wanted to distribute content, it would actually cost a lot of time and money. Doesn't anyone else think it's mean to ask people to do all the work? I feel a consumer backlash and backfire is upon us.

In retaliation, i'm thinking of submitting the equivalent australian versions of the ads that have won (and here). Where is the originality, I ask? This has been going on too long. It's extortion. Leave people be. And don't creatives have a problem with this?! It just proves that anyone can be a creative. Shouldn't they be putting a stop to the consumers taking away their livelihood?

this is just a nice song.


M.M. McDermott said...

Speaking as a creative (who actually submitted a spot the first year Doritos ran the contest), I'm not too worried about it. A) most of the submissions are absolutely gash; and B) the ones that are well-done are typically submitted by someone with a hand in the industry anyway.

I do agree that it's a little presumptuous on their part to assume they can simply repackage it for Australia, though.

I wonder if Yahoo Serious will put an ad together ;)

wisey said...

Yes Mr M.M.M.M.M.
And how did you go?

I spoke to Mr Yahoo Serious. He is putting something together. I hear it involves snow domes and maybe something else.