Monday, February 23, 2009

More on doritos

After my bashing post of yesterday, I have been subjected to more doritos pain:

1. The support ad they use on TV is so annoying. It starts out as idea no 128, or whatever it is. But I never see any other ideas. And it's bad, oh so bad. The concept is that "Doritos" should change the name to "dorito" because that's what happens to people's names in Australia- ben = benno, deb = debo, rob = robbo, etc. And the guy says the names in that dumb guy moaning way. Painful. Especially when it's on all the time.
2. The ad is on everything. I feel like there is no targeting, no nothing. I seem to have experienced a frequency of 7+ and the competition ends in May. Where are the rest of the concepts kids? Do we have any other executions? I at least hope it's a 2 week on, 2 week off campaign. Maybe do some 15s too, unless this one is already a 15, but it feels bloody long.
3. I can't even post the video of the ad because it's no where to be found. Doritos, you want every person who enters the contest to post the doritos branding across the web, but you can't even post your own ad for posting?! A disconnect.

And I knew I forgot something yesterday....Pizza Hut/Pasta Hut. The ad where the chef comes out in an actual restaurant and says all the food came from Pizza Hut. The Australian ad is a total rip off of the American version.
I don't know what to think. The ad appears to be making its way round the world. The burger king version of this type of thing was so much better.
I also know most Americans eat plastic so they don't know what good food tastes like. Restaurants often serve processed crap and people somehow enjoy eating it, as long as they're ingesting. So for the chef to say the food has come from Pizza Hut isn't such a big deal.

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