Sunday, March 1, 2009

Facebook Users Will Have Input On Policies

by Laurie Sullivan: Facebook has invited users to review, comment and cast votes on policy changes to help shape the community. The new policies accompany a set of redrafted documents, the legal agreement between the site and the more than 175 million users worldwide. The move comes after Facebook received backlash last week after it quietly made changes to the site's Terms of Service.

Facebook is now a democracy?

This feels like a reality tv show: a vote is issued to the public to guide the decision of the powers that be, but ultimately there is the disclaimer "judges' elimination decisions may be discussed with the producers and the network". Meaning that the whole concept of allowing users to vote is bogus.

Facebook isn't a democratic country. And the idea of being one is riddled with problems. It's a social network which allows access to other's lives. And in actual daily use, no one gives a crap who owns it, it's about what you can perve on or kill time with. Only when you decide you want to leave will you want to delete all your content. For most people that doesn't even happen. The lazy route of the drop off is the road well travelled.

As long as you can get what you want, no one really gives a crap. It's only when Facebook alerted people to the changes that users were up in arms and that's only because people love drama. Something to talk, complain and bitch about.

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