Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A bigger joke than the kodak guy at AdTech: Freeview

It appears I am "late" in my referencing of AdTech... but after seeing the surge in Twitter usage I am faced with the concern of why everything has to be so immediate? Newspapers were first in the morning with print, now they update 15 times a day online and now they have their own Twitter accounts to update by the second. Is it really that necessary? Is someone waiting for every drip and drop of news?.... Makes me think. Makes me wonder if knowing stuff straight away is really that important.

Anyway...Kodak guy. He was great. Lovely unintentional comedy. No one frowns at that. His detailed talk of traditional retail units, sponsorships of celebrity apprentice (which is bombing now) and golf tournaments was marvellous. Just the type of talk we would have been faced with 3 years ago. The glossing over of a 60 million strong Kodak Gallery website with 4billion photos was the icing on the cake. Of course no one could ask this man who "just didn't get it" a question, but moi.

"There's all this talk of celebrity apprentice and golf. But what about your galleries? What are you doing to grow your business through that channel?"
I have no idea what he said, he still didn't get. But I made the point and it felt good.

Freeview: Needs kick in pants. Pronto.
Our dear friends Freeview - the purveyors of free digital TV, are wielding their sword upon whoever comes in their path. They remind me of those lovely record companies who are completely deluded about the future, grabbing bull of control by the horns with no hope in hell.

Priorities are whack. What you want to do kids? Tell everyone Freeview is love and mungbeans? Then stop acting like the school bully. Get all free and easy like - make proper processes, stop forcing the government to impose stupid rules, think about the future and incorporate online/broadband into the mix. Think where TV is going and it's not saving those free to air channels. In fact, think Star Trek, because we're going to end up one big joint universe with TV for everyone from Krakatoa to Be'er Sheva!

And why oh why is freeview suing that spoof? What's the problem? Everyone knows the cardinal rule of bad online publicity. You want it forgotten, you leave it alone. Because everyone is just waiting with bated breath, for the next stupid thing to come through their twitter stream and your blunder will be promptly forgotten.

This post is dedicated to @StephenConroy. Don't ever leave because you're the only one who makes any sense!


Tim Burrowes - Mumbrella said...

Hi Wisey,

One assumption that may not be reliable is that the people behind Freeview actually want it to succeed. Why would they?


Tim - Mumbrella

wisey said...
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wisey said...

wow. The day Tim Burrowes writes on my blog is a day to remember.

But I don't know what Freeview are thinking Tim, I just don't know. All those analogies of control freaks trying to force something upon the public, come to mind. People resent it.

I actually think freeview should be abolished to make way for other more exciting ventures.......

Anonymous said...

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