Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The best online executions all have one thing in common: Tom Foolery

Tom foolery: –noun, plural -er⋅ies.
1. foolish or silly behavior; tomfoolishness.
2. a silly act, matter, or thing.
1. foolishness, silliness, horseplay, monkeyshines; trifling.

Everyone loves to expose their inner hooligan
I don't know why it's taken me so long to articulate this, I am THE hooligan, THE upstart. I love to experiment with almost anything that comes my way and find the way to make it the most fun and the most enjoyable.

And it appears, other people may not go to the same lengths as me, but by-god, they defintely love to let their inner devil run amok online.

Digest this- All the greatest online advertising has spoken to our inner devil, allowing us to be the joker that we always wanted to be without any consequence.

Subservient chicken- how many people tried to get the chicken to do the worst they could think of?

Whopper widget- who didn't contemplate getting rid of that friend who they have no idea why in hell they're on their friend list?

Crash the Wedding crashers trailer and any other 'put your face on this' idea - Who didn't put an ass up there and make the cheeks talk?

They are all gold, and they all work so well. Any execution that doesn't play to the tom foolery in all of us won't be anywhere near as successful. That's why skittles was shit. It began to venture into the tom foolery realm at the expense of the brand. Not a good idea. Of course the brand managers didn't like it, but only they are to blame. They forgot about everyone's love of the smart ass.

The tom foolery bit does have a half life of maximum, 6 months and maybe a forever index where you can access it any time. Other boring things like skittles have a 1/2 a day halflife. But at least tom foolery gets you the fame and talkability you're after, instead of falling by the wayside

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Anonymous said...

Good point Wisey! I guess the implication is to help brands understand this and turn a blind eye so to speak.