Monday, March 9, 2009

Who moved my Twitter?!

Twitter, the darling of the hour. Idolised, grossly over valued and still an enigma. An enigma because no one yet understands the avenue for potential monetisation and why it is taking off so massively.

I admit I love the tweet inspired lingo- tweets, twitteriffic, twitterati, twitdom and of course- the twats. The people who spend their entire lives adding to their Twitter flow. How about you stopped the tweets and actually spent time living life? Remember how to do that?

And my most favourite aspect about it- it's a pared back version of the FB that's gone so so wrong. Too much information, too much of other people's crap. Twitter is simple one liners of info. Not too much but enough to maybe get the important things- like hot links.

But, stop press. Someone took Twitter and made it into the MySpace version. There are pictures and weird links everywhere. I want simple twitter. Do I have the option? Where I don't have to worry about being bombarded by the personal crap of other people's lives. Text is best. Then I can choose to enter into those realms if I so wish.

We're in an age where excitement rallies around anything new. People latch on so tightly, but once the novelty wears off (fast) and the realisation sinks in that it's an adaptation of something else, we lose interest (quick). This is why marketing ideas expire so quickly and once it's done once it's all over. e.g. Skittles and the rest of the Mars clan using Twitter as a marketing device was exciting for 5 minutes and then began to feel like exploitation of the medium. Bear in mind no other brand can ever do the same thing without ridicule and mockery. A slight twist will save them from full embarrassment.

Twitter is in the midst of hitting the masses. Even Mark Zuckerberg made a Twitter account. We're at the point where Twitter feels like a space for us, where we can connect with eachother without the threat of too much exposure or too much information. And just as the Facebook once felt that way, it quickly became a corporation. We lost that intimate connection and it feels like that same sad cloud is coming with the Twitter.

Is it the sign of the new jumping of the shark? When Zuckerberg gets on the bandwagon it's all over?

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Vic Lic said...

have you seen new FB that looks exactly like twitter, but worse version?