Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bliggity Bloggity Boo

Starved of the blogging, I return.
I am completely unsure how people work, tweet, post and have a complete social life. It simply cannot be complete. Or social. Those silly people in the top 41 must not have social lives. Clearly.

However, let's begin, shall we?

Sorry? Since when do social retards tell other people how to be social on a social network tool?
Is social networking the place where all social retards go and feel accepted? It may be because no one can see their actual awkwardness and they can snuggle up in cyberspace.

I digress.
The only people who really don't understand how to use social networks are marketers. Something happens and they forget their human abilities and how to talk to people. They sometimes need a bit of a refresh that human tone is not something to discard.

Quite frankly, all those things that are mentioned in the post about what not to mention are actually interesting, IF i'm interested in what that person has to say. I'd love to know what new song my music aficionado friend is listening to and whether anyone bumped into the "Shape Shifter" on the 6 train again (...a story for another time).

Twitter, like Facebook and MySpace is not for everyone. Some people will respond to the format, others won't. And people will in general use the medium differently- as people do. It is obnoxious and arrogant to suggest what people should or shouldn't say on a social networking tool. Be fluid, do what feels right. Like high school, those who appreciate you will, and who cares about those who don't?

Issues 2 and 3 will appear later this week.


Nathan Bush said...

All the cool kids are #42 or later ;)

wisey said...

I thought so. It takes on to know one