Monday, June 22, 2009

Mad Men Characters Conduct Online Survey

As part of his research project "about the future model of advertising" for thesis work at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, AlmapBBDO Creative Director Sergio Mugnaini created a Mad Men-themed online research survey that's very cool. The survey takes scenes from Mad Men and dubs the survey questions right into the scene. Way more interesting than page after page of plain text. Ingenious, actually.

This survey is a little ripper!
Certainly the best online survey I ever did!
Asking the questions in video, dubbing with entertaining parlance. I laughed, I answered the questions honestly and in my opinion the survey finished too quickly. Is this the way of future online research? Because it damn well should be!

Online research is so blasé. Click here, click there, make a little pattern. I'm just trying to get points to have free sms at the end of the day. There is no impact in the survey. This one could have almost been a form of communication I am so affected and impressed by its delivery....

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