Monday, June 22, 2009

Gays and Lesbians Love Social Networks

Emarketer: US gays and lesbians are using social media in fabulous numbers.
According to a May 2009 Harris Interactive poll, gay and lesbian Internet users were more likely to be social network members than straights—55% of them were on Facebook, versus 46% of heterosexuals, and the differences were similar for MySpace and LinkedIn, too.

Ummm, no surprises there!
Social media flourishes when the individuals participating are so passionate about something that they want to connect and find like minded individuals.

e.g. Cyclists love talking to other cycle freaks, shoppers love talking about the best shops they've found and the best bargains. It's only natural that homosexual men and women would want to connect with other homesexual men and women. I also hear that the pick up scene in these communities is off the charts. Apparently is takes one look and all bets are on. If only straight people could behave in such an easy and uncomplicated manner.

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