Thursday, June 25, 2009

Facebook Makes Another Twitter-Like Move

AdAge by Ian Schafer: Starting Today, You Can Make Status Updates Public.
Facebook just took another shot at Twitter.
Starting now, you can publish status updates not just to your "friends" on Facebook but to everyone. That means your status updates can be visible to not only those in your social network but those who aren't and, maybe even more importantly, Google, Bing and every other search engine that indexes Facebook pages and profiles.

Well that shoots the sacred Facebook privacy rules to shit
2 ways to look at this:
1. FB, darling, what are you doing honey? It's like you don't know who you are anymore. You just trying everything like a Madonna and end up losing everyone's respect.
2. Interesting FB, very interesting. Adapting twitter like updates that are global could create a better understanding in this microblogging medium.

2 questions though-
how does everyone look at everyone else's updates?
And does FB think they can overtake twitter?

The problem is, not everyone wants to know what everyone else is saying. That's why Twitter only works for some people. And FB is a totally different type of user experience- a little bit more involved and I think that's why so many people like twitter more, they only have to expose a little bit of info, not the whole shebang.

Let's see how this unfolds, but I don't think it will be causing too much concern

Let's remember the good songs shall we:

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