Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 obsessions that have me bamboozled

1. Usage of the movie Downfall in the mocking of any advertising scenario
Well, I think Mr Servant of Chaos Heaton did it first with the Age of Conversation. He got lots of backlash, really for no reason. He started a trend.
There was something recently with George Parker and Enfatico's actual downfall. Good work
And then there is this lovely shot at iSnack2.0. Great writing, really solid.

I am loving this Downfall obsession. It is making great appropriation of content and there are lots of others out there that aren't just marketing related.
As soon as a brand gets involved as the instigator, this whole phenomenon will be toast!

2. The dancing Flashmob

What is the deal with this?
Those prisoners in the Phillipines doing it was cute and great. They have nothing better to do with their time, it just fits for them to become a dancing ensemble.
And Improv Everywhere have been doing it for ages with free people. They are/were great.
Then there are lots of other dancemobs, everywhere. They aren't that good anymore, it's getting very "boy who cried wolf".
With this latest dance mob, I at first thought Oprah just wanted to get on the bandwagon, because she does that. In fact she loves doing that- taking things from people and making it her own. But only at the very very end did I notice it was for T-Mobile. They love this shizz. But is it really doing anything for their brand? They just tack their logo at the end of selected song. It's sucking. T-mobile- stop it. Please. For the love of god. Let the prisoners have their candy back.

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