Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For a touch of luxury where you need it most

...and you'll never guess where- a lady's cha cha:

"The U by Kotex Platinum range of tampons and ultrathins brings you a touch of luxury where you need it most. The range is packaged in stylish cartons and includes unique product features to help you take the ultimate care down there."

It's so nice that Kotex has considered the luxury option for when Flo comes to town. If feet can have Prada, should punani not have these same options?

As I passed the bus stop with this ad, I thought the same exact thing. I've really been pondering for a while now why there is no diversification and growth in the feminine hygeine market. Luxury and concern for vajayjay appears the optimum choice.

The tagline really takes it to the next level "a touch of luxury where you need it most". I'm not sure about that. Does hoo-hoo need this kind of attentiveness? Luxury seems to have always been something that's on display. Being able to show those premium wares goes with the territory. To make something which is hidden a luxury, seems odd. I'm sure the research was done and women wanted their fancy pads, but was it looked at in context?

...unless. Unless Kotex is talking about the packaging and this needs to go on display. But I dunno. It isn't a Platinum Amex, we're talking about periods and most women don't really want that information on parade.

There seems a disconnect. But feminine hygeine is a tough product. Kotex, I sincerely hope you do well. I don't know if you're thinking social media, but just take some lessons from Tampax's foray into social networking before you tamper with that angle.


M.M. McDermott said...

I award you the gold medal for the most diversified and gratuitous use of vaginal euphemisms, Wisey. Bravo.

As for the ads. Pretty innocuous. Based on the art direction and headline, I couldn't tell if they were for a perfume, bra, or deodorant.

I wonder if women would respond to the other extreme with a total post-modern appeal:

"Kotex. For your pussy."

wisey said...

Yes, this was the main reason for writing the post. How could I resist M.M.M.M?!

And I think brands like this enjoy the innocuousness. Goes with the territory.